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August 18, 2022


I'm here to spill the tea about this birthday par-tea! Best friends, who go by the nicknames of 'Lome' and 'Lope', celebrated turning sixty together! With their birthday's just one day apart, this surprise tea for two was so thoughtfully planned out by Lope's family that the day couldn't have turned out better!


Lope's birthday celebration took place at Sherwood Island while under the impression that her children gifted her a family portrait session. Lope celebrated her sixtieth with her children making precious memories and collecting sea shells on the beach. But little did Lope know, that Lome was on the grounds in another location awaiting to surprise her bestie! I had a great time getting to know Lome, as I spruced up the Nature Center. As kids, Lome fondly remembers Sherwood Island: Senior Skip Day, creating good ole' memories with Lope, and walking for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The surprise was planned over many months but Lope was none the wiser. Her daughter made sure to keep Lome in the loop—but before we dive into the surprise party details—these two have history, so here's the scoop!

PART II: LOME & LOPE'S BACK STORY "I've been friends with Lome since I was twelve years old and when I got my license, I would drive her to and from school. One day after school, she came to my house. It rained the night before and my father threw down brand new grass seed. I used to watch my mother turn the car around in the yard instead of backing out of the driveway, because we lived on a busy street. So, when it was time to take Lome home, I attempted to do the same. The tires got stuck in the mud and I tore up the lawn with my father's white Dodge Dart. Lome was wearing ALL white—white carpenter pants, a white t-shirt, and brand new white sneakers. She got out of the car to help me push. I stepped on the gas which kicked up the mud and when I looked in the mirror, Lome was covered in dirt! We BOTH starting laughing! She said, "My mother is going to KILL me!" Eventually, we got the car out and I drove her home. My father didn't come home until late that night, so he didn't notice the lawn but the very next morning when I was getting ready for school, there he was waiting for me and my brother downstairs with two shovels. He told us, 'we better get outside, pat down the yard, and re-seed before school' . . . My brother had nothing to do with it! *giggles*—but those were the days! One of my favorite memories with Lome, involves my father's old Plymouth Station Wagon. That station wagon, was my ride to and from high school. Most of our friends dropped out but I made sure to pick Lome up because I wanted her to graduate with me. One day, Lome was sitting in the back seat of the car and we were singing to Earth, Wind, and Fire. Again, she had on a pair of brand new sneakers. She was tapping her foot to the beat when suddenly her foot went through the floor board and burnt the soles of her sneakers! I started laughing! You guessed it, she said, "My mother is going to KILL me!" When I came home, I told my father what happened. He said, "Don't worry! I'll fix it." He sized up a piece of plywood and matched it perfectly, so that when she sat in the back her foot wouldn't fall through. From that day on, Lome refused to sit in that seat! *giggles* . . . One summer, my mother drove us to our cabin in New Hampshire. We were on the highway, singing to a song, when a bird hit the windshield. She screamed and closed her eyes shut! This made Lome nervous so she screamed too! I had to take hold of the wheel so that we weren't involved in a crash *giggles* . . . Lastly, on Lome's 16th birthday, I decided to have a small party. I made her an icebox cake and bought her an opal ring. She was very surprised and excited! Needless to say, we were partners in crime, had a lot of fun, and we always got into some kind of trouble. It was great to be back together for our 60th birthday. I felt like a kid again. I always wanted to spend my 60th with my friend and I can't believe I got a chance to do so. I love you Lome and our beautiful friendship and I will cherish you and this day thanks to my children forever!" -Lope, Birthday Girl

PART III: SURPRISE PAR-TEA DETAILS AT SHERWOOD ISLAND'S NATURE CENTER Lope's daughter didn't hold back on any tea par-tea details! She wanted everything to look sweet and dainty. Her son-in-law, even drew up blueprints of what the set-up would like look. From vintage silverware to a 1940's tea set in Delphite Blue, all these swoon-worthy details had me over the moon! Lope's daughter had Lome coordinate outfits with Lope, since it was only fitting, given their history (see above), that they wore all-white to the occasion! Everything was catered and they had delicious macaroons, tea-party gloves and sugar cubes. Aside from the sweet pink, ivory, and blue color palette, Lope's daughter had two necklaces custom-made with the identical tea-cup to commemorate their 60th birthdays! Lome hid behind a beautiful tree adorned in floral's which provided shade in the backdrop and waited there until Lope and her family were finished with their family portraits. As the photographer switched locations, Lope walked into the surprise of a lifetime! At first she was confused and didn't know what to do but when she saw her best friend of 48 years, the two rejoiced and they shed many happy tears! By far, flowering this occasion was the highlight of my year!

specialty flowers and fillers that were utilized in these birthday arrangements were bunny tails, pampas grass, sea fan coral, bleached italian ruscus, wheat, luneria, scabiosa pods, massima, sweet eskimos, vendula, blue nigella, forget-me-not's, delphinium, jasmine vine, smilax, blush majolica, blue hydrangea, sweet unique, blushing bride protea, and flowering mint

I hope you enjoyed this 60th birthday par-tea at Sherwood Island's Nature Center. Do you know Lome and Lope? Show the birthday girls some love by giving this post a 'Heart' in the section below!


Photographer: Asher Gardner Photography | Floral Design: Loreta Daka | Location: Sherwood Island | Catering: Palmer's Market | Macaroons: Taste by Spellbound | Tea Set: 1940's Jeanette Delphite Blue | Cake Stands: Mosser Glass / Maria Gilkinson @ Mothersvintage on Etsy | Dinnerware: EastSideBazaar on Etsy | Dispenser: Crate & Barrel | Linen: Pottery Barn | Gloves: GraceFiberArt on Etsy | Jewelry: Mary-Ann Besnia @ DinnerWearJewelry on Etsy | Acrylic Tags: Mscriptedstudio on Etsy | Tapestry: GloryTradition on Etsy | Ribbons: EmmaLinh on Etsy / Evermore Styled on Etsy


Loreta Daka Carrero is a premier wedding and event floral designer serving Connecticut, New York, and Coastal New England! She specializes in timeless and spiritually curated fine art floral designs for beautiful couples and extraordinary clients.

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