Loreta Daka Floral Boutique | Photo Credit: Shaina Lee Photography


Loreta Daka Floral Boutique is a floral studio based in Connecticut; serving Connecticut, New York and Coastal New England.


We focus exclusively on weddings and events and the occasional shower and birthday party too! Most days you can find us foraging for flowers, maneuvering through markets or knee deep in Loreta's garden curating our own product.

Whether your wedding is big or small; we enjoy designing for them all! Our job is not complete until we see the first happy tears from the bride and we love to be apart of special moments in time.


We avoid products that contain harsh chemicals and dyes. Instead, we use natural and organic products that are friendly to our environment. Our suppliers are located worldwide and we support local farmers and growers alike. Stop by the 'Service' page to learn more about what we offer!

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Meet Loreta

I fell in love with flowers at a young age. Growing up in Croatia, I would explore the meadows with Mother, run through Father's garden, and marvel over creation. I picked grass, wheat, persimmon and figs off the tree and there was nothing I loved more than to gaze at the blossoms that grew on the mountainsides overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

I found my passion . . . 

Croatia is where I became familiar with nature. My father taught me how to garden. Everything that he touched; bloomed. I was drawn to all the little things that grew.


Loreta Daka Floral Boutique January 2021

"Loreta was a dream to work with! She listened to every detail I asked for and delivered far more than my wishes! I was blessed to have her as my florist. She created the bouquet of my dreams and then some."

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Many Years Later

I acquired the floral industry tricks of the trade while scrubbing buckets in a floral shop. I learned how to cut, treat, cultivate, condition, and preserve flowers. I was given the opportunity to manage a floral department, while raising two small children and attending business school.

After college, I worked for several designers in the city. A former client asked me to flower her wedding and the rest is history! In 2016, my business bloomed. Today, I continue to chase my dreams all the while making your floral dreams come true!


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WHEN I'M NOT FLOWERING AROUND . . . I'm reading my bible with a ground cup of coffee in hand.

WHEN I'M NOT FLOWERING AROUND . . . I'm steadfast in prayer and I never go into a big wedding or event week without it.

WHEN I'M NOT FLOWERING AROUND . . . I'm at Hobby Lobby with a cart full of stuff. I'm always searching for new pieces to add to my collection.

WHEN I'M NOT FLOWERING AROUND . . . I'm out jogging or bike riding with my husband around town.

WHEN I'M NOT FLOWERING AROUND . . . I'm enjoying my family. They are the driving force behind my business and everything I do is for them and God's glory.


I designed all of the floral arrangements for my wedding. Click on 'Loreta & William' to check it out!