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October 13, 2023


Inga and James embraced the best of Autumn, on their wedding day held at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY. Tori Hastings and the crew hosted a breathtaking wedding, where the enchanting NY skyline view stretched beyond sight. Loreta Daka Floral Boutique wove an ethereal tapestry in shades of orange and burgundy, mirroring all of fall's finest colors. Inga meticulously curated each moment with care, ensuring every glance and touch held significance and paid tribute to the ones she loved and missed; most importantly her beloved father. Imagery captured by Vicki + Erik displayed laughter, promises, and stolen kisses forming the heart of this beautiful union. I must have glanced at this gallery a million times and I have to say, it's one of my favorite weddings of all time. Clearly, I've fallen for this Fall wedding and this couple too! They were a pleasure to work with and I was elated when they said ‘I Do!’


James and Inga met in 2012, just five months after Inga moved to moved to NYC. James loved origami and made Inga a ring out of a dollar bill. The timing wasn't right for them to be together but fate had written it in the stars that they would meet again and again. In 2016, James and Inga reconnected and he asked her to go on a pizza date at DUMBO. Inga and James immediately saw the beauty and uniqueness in each other. Inga who is full of energy and outgoing, while James is steadfast and quietly confident, fell in love with each other. James knew Inga was The One after that first slice of pizza in Brooklyn and Inga knew James was The One after he showed up at her door with love, kindness, and treats when she was going through a tough time. Inga loves how James makes her laugh everyday without fail and James loves how Inga sings goofy songs to him when they are alone!


In August of 2021, James and Inga went on a trip to Inga's home state in Northern Michigan. Inga's father passed away in 2015, before James had the chance to meet him, so the trip was meaningful to show James a piece of Inga's history and a part of her past. Unbeknownst to Inga, James had planned to propose to her at some point while in the Upper Peninsula. He carried Inga's engagement ring everywhere they went and the entire week he waited for the right moment to pop the question! It was nearing the end of their trip, and Inga took James to a beautiful place called Mackinac Island. On their last day there, James and Inga hiked up to the iconic Arch Rock 🪨 ; a spot that Inga intended on sharing with James right before they left. After snapping a few photos, a bunch of tourists appeared and James guided Inga away from the crowd. Overlooking a secluded look-out-point, Inga spotted a single sailboat in the water. She snapped a picture of it, remarking "James! It's like my Dad is here!" While James was busy pulling the ring box out of his bag, he said, "I think now is good time to ask you something." Inga turned around and saw James standing there with a square box in his hands and she was confused as to what was happening. James then said, "Inga, this is it!" and got down on one knee. Inga immediately started crying and said "Yes, I want to spend forever with you!" before James could even get the question out. Inga said 'yes' about 10 more times, and then James asked for her to "please put the ring on" in fear of losing it off the side of the lookout point.


"My favorite color is orange so that was a must! I am inspired by bouquets that are more dimensional and have different, varied, and non-typical flowers. I loved the idea of a cascaded bouquet to add a different flair and look!" - Inga, Bride

specialty flowers and fillers that were utilized in these wedding arrangements were achillea lachsschonheit, achillea white beauty, euphorbia spinoza, hypericum magical royal cream, rosa quicksand, rose wedding rose, tulip snowboard, weigela shining fantasy, orange and burgundy ranunculus, rose country home, chocolate ranunculus, orange yarrow, carnation carmel, rose chiffon, cremon orange, rose lady cava, garden rose princess miyuki, burgundy button mums, carnation lege marrone, cremond peach, banksia protea orange, lisianthus white, scaboisa white, amarnthus yearming desert, eucalytus cincerea, parvifolia eucalyptus, robusta eucalyptus, rosa emma woodhouse, lathyrus winter sunshine white, acacia denisbode, rose avalanche, berzelia lanuginosa, waterlily dahlia orange, teddy dahlia orange, cornal bronza dahlia, amber queen dahlia, burgundy dahlia, zinnia orange, bunny tails, tulips double casablanca, and rose charmant

I hope you fell in love with this fall wedding at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY. Do you know Inga & James? Show the newlyweds some love, by giving this post a 'Heart' in the section below!


Photographer: Vicki + Erik| Floral Design: Loreta Daka | Venue: Le Chateau | Dress: Jenny Yoo NYC | Bridal Salon: Anthropologie / BHLDN | Veil: Anthropologie / BHLDN | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Allen Edmonds | Bridesmaids: Birdy Grey | Flower Girl: Azazie | Groom: Suit Supply | Groomsmen: Men's Wearhouse | Jewelry: Tapper's Jewelry | Officant: Rev. Louis | Hair: Amanda Tibby | MUA: Mece - Instagram: @enchancedbymece | Decoration: ByFernStudio on Etsy | Stationary: Minted | Cake: DiMare Pastry | DJ: Cafe Wha? / UNLTD! Band | Ribbons: Emmalinhco on Etsy - Instagram: @emmalinhco | Accommodations: Hotel Zero Degrees | Transportation: Leros Point to Point | Nails: M. Studio - Instagram: @mstudio_nyc


Loreta Daka Carrero is a premier wedding and event floral designer serving Connecticut, New York, and Coastal New England! She specializes in timeless and spiritually curated fine art floral designs for beautiful couples and extraordinary clients.

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