The Cotton Anniversary

OCTOBER 25, 2020

The Cotton Anniversary

Being your florist does not stop on your wedding day! I love partaking in all your special occasions—even the anniversaries to follow. Traditionally, the second wedding anniversary gift is cotton. Cotton represents how two lives have woven together and will become more intertwined in time. What better way to celebrate your second year of marriage than with a rustic bouquet of cotton!

Specialty flowers and fillers that were utilized in these anniversary arrangements were Toffee Roses, Garden Roses, and Tibet Roses, Ranunculus, White Majolica, Mahogany Pods, Bunny Tails, Lunaria, Copper Beech Brown, and stems of Cotton.


Photographer: Asher Gardner Photography | Floral Design: Loreta Daka | Location: Bruce Park | Calligrapher: GloryTradition on Etsy | Ribbons: EmmaLinh on Etsy | Ring Box: Leosklo on Etsy