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June 4, 2023


I don't normally start off blog posts this way, but it's about time we address the elephant in the room: The loss of a loved one. Your wedding is one of the most significant moments of your life. Many brides dream of this day from when they were little girls. But when you plan on someone being there that is no longer with you, there is no true way to replace their presence. Every once in a while, I get a client who has lost a parent and this time, it was a beautiful bride-to-be named Ashley. I'm sure it's not easy to imagine your big day without your father by your side, which is why I think it's important to honor your loved one during your ceremony or reception. Here at Loreta Daka Floral Boutique we have some ideas on how to honor your loved ones memory, and we hope one of these will serve as a special and meaningful tribute to them.

  • A Moment of Silence. A brief moment of silence in honor of your late mother or father during the ceremony is just one simple way to pay tribute to them.

  • Make a Mention. A mere mention or line "in memory of" those who have passed is a nice addition to your wedding ceremony program.

  • Reserved Seat. Reserve a seat at your ceremony or reception by simply placing a sign on a chair or setting a small easel at the table. Some prefer to adorn with flowers, a photograph, or a single-stemmed rose, which is my personal favorite.

  • Light a Candle. Light a candle during your ceremony or have it already lit throughout the event. The candle will make for a precious memento especially if it's engraved or custom-made.

  • Photo Charm Bouquet. This is another favorite; wrap a charm or charm(s) around the stem of your bouquet to carry those who have departed throughout your wedding day!

  • Memoriam Table. Include the most influential people in your life who aren't there to participate by setting up a memorial table at the venue with a plaque, sign, photograph(s), candles, and flowers.

  • Play Favorite Song. Walk down the aisle to your loved ones favorite song or dance to it at your reception dinner with someone near and dear to you.

  • Incorporate Favorite Flower. Be sure to incorporate your loved ones favorite color or flower. It's those personal sentiments that make their presence even more memorable.

Ashley and Ivan's story began in 2019, when they first met at UConn. Ashley studied graphic design, while Ivan majored in math and science. Needless to say, it was the start of a beautiful relationship and eventually, Ivan proposed! The memory of Ashley's late father was paramount when planning her wedding day and on her mind at a very emotional time. Balanced carefully with joy and optimism, Ashley remembered not only to look forward but to look back. Ashley found sweet and heartfelt ways to honor her Dad, all the while shining through on her special day! The waterworks came when I got her gallery back. Shoutout to @brittisaacsonphoto for quite the tearjerker of photographs! The photo of Ashley hugging her late father's picture, nearly took my breath away. I know her father would be very proud as am I to have met such a courageous woman. She certainly paid tribute to her heavenly angel in such a memorable way. Speaking of angel, Mr. Ivan Boronin, you have an angel here on Earth. She's heaven sent that's for sure!

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