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October 18, 2022


This photo shoot was truly a labor of love and it was great to be back in Sandra's studio! The last time we met, Sandra and I collaborated for a three part shoot. However, this time we joined forces with Deanna Rosson from Deanna Elizabeth Makeup and two courageous breast cancer survivors for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Cancer is something that effects so many of us. Our friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones. When Sandra and Deanna asked me to collaborate, I couldn't pass up the opportunity! It was an honor to bring their vision to life. Not only was I really inspired to partake in this shoot but it was an absolute pleasure to meet Sonya and Jessica. They are both incredible, fierce, and strong women and I enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their stories.


"My friend Deanna suggested collaborating. When the idea came up, it was already October and we always wanted to work on a project for Breast Cancer Awareness month. With a short amount of time, we were able to pull it off and having Loreta on board was the cherry on top! This is now a project that we would like to make annual. There are so many people suffering from breast cancer that have either gone through it or are still in the thick of it. This photo shoot was a great way to use our art for something meaningful and I hope everyone takes away the importance of this project. Raising awareness is a great thing in my opinion and we are hoping to make this campaign even bigger next year!" -Sandra Szebenyik MEET JESSICA ZERVOS: WIFE, MOTHER, AND BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR "April of 2020, I had my second child. When I went for my post appointment, I told them I felt a small bump (the size of marble) and they told me it was probably milk. Fast forward to December 2020, I went in with the concern that it grew much larger (all thanks to my husband for pushing me to go in) and it felt like a golf ball. I had a biopsy done the day before Christmas Eve and they told me my results the following Monday. I had Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I started in January 2021 with treatment. A mixture of chemotherapy and immunotherapy; 20 long weeks. This ended in May 2021 and then in July 2021, I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction which started with expanders. I remember sitting in the hospital on my 36th birthday, just in disbelief that this is how I was spending it. I will literally never forget the day I turned 36. Luckily, there was no lymph node involvement, therefore, they felt there was no need to do radiation. I did physical therapy to help move my arms again in the way they should. Then in November 2021, I had my phase 2 of reconstruction. Now, I go every three months for check ups and hope that it does not come back, which is always a lingering thought in my brain (every second of the day). They say for this particular type the first five years are the most crucial and this being the strongest type of cancer; the re-occurrence is high. Honestly, the whole time, if I didn't have children, I would not not been able to get through this. It kept me going on day-to-day with what I had to do for them and always trying to find the silver lining, even if it was the smallest positive outlook of the day . . . " -Jessica Zervos SPREADING AWARENESS FOR BREAST CANCER

Did you know? 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? That's right. One in eight! If you would like to educate yourself and learn more about breast cancer, head on over to Susan G. Komen at or the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. at and don't forget to check your blooms!

specialty flowers and fillers that were utilized in these collaboration arrangements were david austin, miranda, keira, and faith roses, phlox white, limonium misty white, larkspur pink, canation pink fancy, cermon pink yerevan, lisianthus light pink, rose katherine, cymbidium hyzerthly, and gerbera fahrenheit

I hope you enjoyed this collaboration with Alexandra Szebenyik Photography and Deanna Elizabeth Makeup. Do you know Sandra, Deanna, Jessica, or Sonya? Show them some love by giving this post a 'Heart' in the section below!


Photographer: Alexandra Szebenyik Photography | Floral Design: Loreta Daka | Location: Nest Arts Factory | MUA: Deanna Elizabeth Makeup - Instagram: @deannaelizabethmua | Breast Cancer Model: Sonya Keshwani - Instagram: @nymannequin | Breast Cancer Model: Jessica Zervos - Instagram: @jessicazervos


Loreta Daka Carrero is a premier wedding and event floral designer serving Connecticut, New York, and Coastal New England! She specializes in timeless and spiritually curated fine art floral designs for beautiful couples and extraordinary clients.


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