May 19, 2018

 Often brides lean heavily on sweet traditional blooms but Alyson wanted something a little savory and different!


Alyson and Ryan had a small ceremony in their parent’s backyard.
The bride elected to have a loud color palette full of wild flowers, deep-red Ranunculus, Jasmine, Curly Willow, Tulips, and blue Coneflower. Her 
bridesmaid’s held nosegays bursting with Thlaspi, Italian Ruscus, Scabisoa, and two-toned Roses. Ryan, wore a colorful floral pin with hints of greenery and Blue Thistle.

 What I admired most about Alyson, was her willingness to step outside her comfort zone! I was so excited when she decided to add fresh herbs of Lavender, Thyme, and Rosemary to her bouquet!


Their reception took place in the great outdoors, amid a rich and beautiful garden. Surrounded by peace and tranquility, guests dined at tables decorated with clear glass prisms, white candles, loose baby pine cones, and fresh potted herbs. Not only do fresh herbs smell amazing but they are budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing too! 

I've learned over the years that these botanical's make just as much of a statement as a bunch of peonies do! Adding herbs to an alternative arrangement or a loose bouquet of flowers makes for great fillers too!

  Alyson looked beautiful clutching onto a floral herb bouquet. After all, who says you only have to carry flowers on your wedding day?

Loreta Daka Carrero


Photo Credit:
Fantasy Flash Studio